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Morning Schedule: Alternating Mondays at 10am in suite 106. Evening Schedule: Alternating Tuesays at 7pm in suite 106. Please see the calendar for scheduled dates. 

2019-2020 Nancy Guthrie Bible Study: Even Better Than Eden

The cost for this study is $10. Sign up at the Connection Counter.

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Even Better Than Eden: Nine Ways the Bible's Story Changes Everything about Your Story

Sometimes the Bible’s story is summarized as creation, fall, redemption, restoration. But the future is not headed toward merely a restoration of Eden’s goodness. From the very beginning, the Bible’s story has always been headed toward consummation, toward glory. This study traces nine themes that run from Genesis to Revelation in the Bible. Each reveals how God’s plan for the new creation will be far more glorious than the original.

This year long study will consist of nine Bible Study Sessions and nine Video/Discussion Sessions. The Bible Study for Even Better Than Eden includes questions on the biblical text that correspond with the video. In the video sessions Nancy invites viewers into her living room to teach through the content contained in the book. A sample video is posted below.


Bible Study Session - The questions will be completed in small groups at the women's study prior to the Video/Discussion Session on the same topic. This will serve to “till up the ground” in the soil of the hearts of participants for what will watch on the video, providing each participant with the needed background and foundation for ideas and passages that may be presented only briefly in the video.

Video/Discussion Session - Nancy Guthrie's video teaching will be shown then we will break into small groups to discuss the themes presented in each session and the implications of the truths.

The cost for this study is $10 to cover the cost of materials. The book is not required but is an additional resource which may benefit you depending on your learning style. Please sign up at the Connection Counter.


Currently the women are studying Nancy Guthrie's newest study Even Better Than Eden. 

Session 8: The Story of a Dwelling Place from Nancy Guthrie on Vimeo.