Redeemed by Grace

We pray that our name, Redeeming Grace Church, summarizes the heartbeat of our church. God's grace in Christ rescued us from our sin, reconciling us to God and to his people. 

The gospel of Jesus' sinless life, substitionary death on the cross, and bodily resurrection from the grave is not only good news for those without Christ, but for Christ's church also! The gospel grounds our hope, assures us of God's love, fuels our love for one another, and motivates lives of holiness and service. 

In many ways, the church is the gospel made visible! 

Serving the West Valley

At Redeeming Grace Church, our desire is to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ and make disciples in Goodyear and throughout the West Valley. We understand the need for healthy churches in this part of Phoenix, and we pray that the Lord uses our church to advance the gospel in a needy area.

If you are interested in learning more about Redeeming Grace Church, please fill out a Connection Card, and someone will follow up to assist you!