The Bible presents the Christian life as a church-shaped life. Jesus intends that those who belong to Him by faith also belong to a visible expression of the body, the local church.

The mutual commitment to one another’s spiritual wellbeing is what we mean by the phrase “church membership.” Becoming a church member isn’t like joining a club for its benefits or services. Rather, the image is of a person’s limb (member) being vitally connected to the body (1 Corinthians 12:12-26). To belong to a church isn’t merely about attending on Sundays but about committing yourself to the good of that body, even as that body commits itself to your good.

_MGL4866Covenanted Together

Our Church Covenant is a set of promises that we make to one another as members of Redeeming Grace Church.

If our Statement of Faith is our declaration of what we believe, then our Church Covenant is our promise to one another about what we will do.

Download the Church Covenant (PDF).

_MGL5358Membership Process

Step 1: Attend RGC Foundations

Start by attending our membership class the 3rd Sunday of any month at 4:00 pm. We discuss three topics:

Topic 1: History & Statement of Faith
Topic 2: Membership & Church Covenant
Topic 3: Elders' Vision (What We Value)

GroupChatStep 2: Meeting with an Elder

Schedule a membership conversation with an elder. We want to hear how you became a Christian, how well you understand the gospel, how RGC can serve you, and how you would like to get involved in the body.

Step 3: Presented to Congregation

Finally, our elders present you to the congregation as a member candidate. RGC then formally acts to affirm your confession and bring you into our fellowship.